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Do You Need Help Moving House or Office?

Moving house is regularly listed as one of life’s most stressful events, so it is important to do all you can to make sure it does not become an overwhelming experience.

We can help you send personal belongings and pretty much anything that can fit into a box, door-to-door. Our services cover personal, commercial and student needs, and at a price you can afford. Book and pay online today. We offer an online quotation, booking and payment service - all you need to do is tell us what you need to ship and where, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Since UK has left the European Union, trade agreements between them no longer exist. This means that shipments from the UK may be subject to VAT, duties and administration fees. You must pay for them before you receive the parcel.

VAT and customs duties will not be added if the value of the goods does not exceed €22. If the value exceeds €22 but is less than €150, VAT will be added, but customs duties will not. Goods with a value greater than €150 will be charged customs duties and VAT.


We specialises in the delivery of parcels to Europe up to 30kg with maximum dimensions of 175cm length and 300cm girth. So, whatever the volume of packages you dispatch, the DPD Classic service will deliver exceptional value for money. That's why the service already satisfies over 300,000 customers each year.

What you need to know about DPD Classic Service

  • You can send parcels to over 40 European countries!
  • DPD Classic Parcel's maximum weight is 30kg
  • Maximum Parcel's Length is 175cm, Maximum Girth 300cm
  • Parcel's Girth is calculated as follow: 1 x Length (cm) + 2 x Height (cm) + 2 x Width (cm)
  • We offer FREE £50 transit cover that can be upgraded up to £1000. 
    Great News: FREE transit cover up to £200 for parcels going to Poland!,
  • If you're shipping outside of the EU (Canary Island, Norway etc.) you'll need a Pro Forma/Commercial Invoice that must be attached to your parcel.
  • It's important to ensure you correctly measure and weigh your item to avoid additional charges.
  • Ensure you are available at the collection address between 9-5pm as failed collection is chargeable.
  • Thanks to our Predict and Follow My Parcel services you will receive a one hour delivery window via SMS, allowing you to track the progress of the parcel on a map, counting down to a 15 minute window.!

Please note:
It is very crucial that when you book your parcel collection that you describe the contents of the package as precisely as you can. The courier will then have another opportunity to ensure that nothing illegal is being transported or if you are trying to ship something that may incur duty when entering the destination country. This process isn't full proof but is another layer of control to help have a trouble-free delivery. Check prohibited items here.

Excellent packaging is key. During the transit process parcels may be handled several times. It is therefore important that all parcels are adequately packed. Just because you may have written "fragile" on your parcel, it doesn't mean that you can't take care in packaging it. Spending another five minutes using bubble wrap, newspaper and ensuring that a sturdy cardboard box is used can save an hour or so of the recipient taking photos of the damage and you chasing up a claim. Please remove old bar codes.

Often we re-use cardboard boxes from previous deliveries and it may not obvious that old address details and barcodes may still be on the underside of the box. Just to prevent routing issues within the automated services, it would be wise to remove all address information and barcodes from the box. Check packaging tips here.

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